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PEEP FIGHTING - Round One: A Single Spooky Cat

For a trial run, my wife manned the Spooky Cat and the Toaster R Oven, while I filmed everything with the Handycam. The Spooky Cat wouldn't stand up on its own, so we built a little stand for it out of toothpicks. I didn't get a good shot if it, but we bent toothpicks into "L"s and arranged them to make a cross for a base with one big spike sticking up through the aluminum foil into the butt of the Spooky Cat. Here's a shot of the first Spooky Cat looking quite at ease despite the large, wooden probe jammed up its tender areas.

Here's a close up of the Spooky Cat looking, in my opinion, a lot like an owl. Doesn't it look blissfully ignorant of its impending death? It has no idea of the hot, melting torture that awaits it.
Bring on the heat! After carefully placing the Spooky Cat in the Toast R Oven, my wife turned the dial to "Dark Brown" and pressed the lever down.

You can see the oven beginning to heat up and the Spooky Cat starting to swell. The color in these pictures looks a little odd because I had to shoot through the glass door of the Toaster R Oven. I would've left it open, but it has this silly little safety feature of not working with the door open. I suppose I could've figured out how to disable it, but I didn't feel that ambitious.

After a bit of waiting we had our first taste of action! The Spooky Cat started to slowly lean its head forward. The misty, blurry area around its head is smoke. The smoke didn't come out well in any of the stills I captured. The combination of thin, white smoke and the glass I had to film through makes it look like some scenes are blurry, when the picture is really quite crisp. Compare the shots taken inside the Toast R Oven to the shots on the counter and you'll see what I mean.

In the final stages of its death throes the Spooky Cat collapsed on its face. I wish we had folded the aluminum foil better, as the heat made it curl up and obscure part of the scene.

Here's a great close-up on the final sticky blob. Just like roasting a marshmallow at camp, the back of the Spooky Cat is a warm, golden brown color. Once again, due to the glass, smoke and orange lighting from the heating bars, the picture doesn't look its best. If I repeat this, I'll have to rig the oven to operate with the door open.

I wish the picture quality was this good filming in the oven. Check out how black and crispy the Spooky Cat became! It puffed up quite a bit, too.

This is a personal favorite. The pointy part is the toothpicks. Doesn't it look like a nice butterfly wing?

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