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PEEP FIGHTING - Round Five: Ghost vs Spooky Cat

I found out that if I made sure the toothpicks straddled one of the bars of the grill that the marshmallows would stand up better. I gave up using the tails because they weren't working all that well anyway. I also placed the fighters closer together to increase the chances of them spearing each other.

Early on, the Spooky Cat suddenly tipped backwards. I feared that this would be another boring joust.

As they both started to brown and blister, the Ghost lunged at the Spooky Cat, just missing it with its lance. Finally, some decent fighting!

The heat of the Toast R Oven proved too much for both our combatants and they collapsed into gooey piles.

I declared the Ghost the winner as it fearlessly attacked the cowardly Spooky Cat and actually managed to melt a significant portion of itself onto the Spooky Cat.

Both of the marshmallows were golden brown. They almost look edible, don't they? For a few moments I was tempted to try one. But only for a few moments.

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