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PEEP FIGHTING - Round Three: Ghost vs Ghost

After finding more foil the next fight was on. This time it was two Ghosts. I hadn't quite mastered the art of getting them to stay up straight, so they still have little toothpicks tails. I also decided that it was time to give them some jousting lances. Hopefully one would swell and stab the other one.

The beginning of all these toastings are really boring. You can never tell if they're swelling until they're suddenly huge. Here they've swelled a little bit. It did get a little quicker as the evening progressed because the Toaster R Oven never got to cool down all the way.

The left Ghost was really trying to stab the right Ghost, but the right Ghost just kept leaning the other way. Obviously my toothpick tail wasn't working very well.

Bonus Video Footage!
ghosts.mpg (19 sec, 952 KB)

The final outcome? I declared the left Ghost the winner as it reached over and touched the other Ghost as it tried to move away.

As you can see from this overhead shot, perhaps the right Ghost was really the winner. He didn't seem to be bothered by the location of the left Ghost's head.

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