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PEEP FIGHTING - Round Six: Gang Fight

The marshmallow duels were fun, but I longed for more destruction, so I arranged a gang fight between a Ghost and two Spooky Cats. I had some difficulty keeping the Ghost up, as evidenced by the tootpick jutting out of his back.

Here's where things started to heat up. Nobody had made a move yet.

Bonus Video Footage!
gang.mpg (14 sec, 702 KB)

The Spooky Cats started to lean toward the Ghost, but the Ghost was having none of that. I was worried he was going to melt, fall off the tin foil and turn into a crusty stain on the bottom of the Toast R Oven.

If you look carefully at the Spooky Cat in the back, you can see that it caught fire. There weren't any real flames, just a blueish halo around its head.

Here's a better picture of the fire. At this point there was a lot of smoke forming inside the oven, so I was forced to call the fight earlier than I would have liked.

Bonus Video Footage!
fire2.mpg (12 sec, 607 KB)

The Spooky Cats continued to melt a little, even after the fire was out and the oven had cooled down.

The Ghost won due to the fact that it was still pretty intact. One of the Spooky Cats didn't look too bad, except for cracked skin. The orange dye seems to make them more prone to blistering than the Ghosts. The other Spooky Cat was missing a head.

Another angle shows the fire damage to our poor, headless Spooky Cat. I also managed to get marshmallow goo on my counter. Blech!

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