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PEEP FIGHTING - Round Seven: Sacrifice

For the final event of the evening, I tossed in a Spooky Cat by itself, just to see how it would toast.

It took a while to start swelling. This was by far the most boring thing to watch all night.

It started off browning quite nicely. This shot looks misty because of all the smoke pouring off its tiny, orange body.

As the oven continued to heat up, the Spooky Cat turned a crispy black. It didn't smell too bad, actually. Just like roasting a regular marshmallow at camp!

This is a nice aftermath shot. It almost looks edible. Almost...

From this other angle, though, it looks pretty gross.

Here's how to make a Spooky Cat coffin. I rolled up the aluminum foil just to make it ooze. A very satisfying end to a very satisfying evening.


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